Source: James O’Neill in Dance Music of Ireland1.
Audio excerpt: James Morrison – ‘The Milestone At The Garden’2.

Paul DeGrae points out the similarities to Maguinnis’ Delight and Clyde­-side Lassies in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection3 all in the key of F though with parts reversed4:

Related also to Bill Clancy’s Delight (MOI 1465, DMI 696) and Pretty Peggy (MOI 1476, DMI 704) both in D and sourced from James O’Neill.
Recorded by James Morrison in 1935 as The Milestone At The Garden (see audio excerpt above; more information on Morrison and Mayo can be found here).

Joe Byrne (Achadh Mór) plays a slightly different version on Fíf agus Fideog5:

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