Source: John McFadden in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland1

DeGrae comments:

“Not found in any of the older collections in the Bibliography. Possibly composed by McFadden and named for one of the social events of the Irish or Scottish pipers which O’Neill frequented in Chicago and mentioned in his writings.”2

O’Neill’s account of McFadden from Irish Minstrels and Musicians can be found here.

  1. Francis O’Neill, O’Neill’s Music of Ireland: Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Melodies. Chicago, Lyon & Healy, 1903, #815, p.152.
    Also appears in:
    Francis O’Neill, The Dance Music of Ireland (1001 Gems). Chicago, Lyon & Healy, 1907, #2, p.17.
  2. Paul DeGrae, Sources of tunes in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland and Dance Music of Ireland, 2017 (rev.2021). (accessed 23/1/23)

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