Transcribed from recording of the tunes composer, Paddy Mills (Barr na Trá, Belmullet) in Fidiléirí – Mayo Fiddlers.

Although nowadays this tune is more commonly called Paddy Mills’ Fancy/Delight, it was originally known by the above title and came about at Corraun House during an informal cultural school initiated there by Castlebar musician John Hoban in the early/mid 1980s:

“It happened this way. I woke up one morning with the tune ringing in my head. So I got up and played it over and over. I didn’t play it out for about six months to see if anyone else had it because I thought maybe I had it brought with me from a session, unknown to me”.1

  1. Joe Byrne, Fidiléirí – Mayo Fiddlers. Dreoilín Community Arts, Achadh Mór, (Book and double Cassette), 1995, p23.

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