Source: John McFadden in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland1

Audio: Paddy Killoran – The Enchanted Lady2

More commonly known as The Enchanted Lady nowadays, the title used on Paddy Killoran’s 1939 recording. Possibly a composition of McFadden’s3. O’Neill’s account of McFadden from Irish Minstrels and Musicians can be found here.

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    Also appears in:
    Francis O’Neill, The Dance Music of Ireland (1001 Gems). Chicago, Lyon & Healy, 1907, #708, p.125.
  2. Paddy Killoran, The Enchanted Lady, The Holy Land. Fiddle solo, unknown – piano. Decca 12201 (78 RPM), New York, 1939.
  3. Not found in any earlier collections in the Bibliography here:
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