Where and from whom procured: H. Higgins, harper, 1792.1

43. Bɼuaċ an Chlaudaiġ

Included here solely for the reason of Bunting’s uncharacteristic drawing of attention to Higgins’ playing – although one might wonder what exactly is meant in this case by the word ‘nearly’:

“Interesting for its peculiar bass accompaniment, which was taken down from the harper nearly as it is here given.”2

  1. Edward Bunting, The Ancient Music of Ireland – Arranged for the Piano Forte (vol.3). Hodges and Smith, Dublin, 1840, p33.
  2. ‘Notices of the more remarkable melodies and pieces of the collection’, in A Dissertation on the Irish Harp and Harpers, including an Account of the Old Melodies of Ireland, p.98 (prefixed to The Ancient Music of Ireland – see reference above).

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