From William Forde MS.
Title page states “Publishing by subscription 1 Jan 1845”.
Hand copied by Orla Henihan at ITMA.
(n.b. notation irregularities preserved except where noted)

“The late Mr. Elliot Hudson was an enthusiastic student of Irish lore. It is related as a proof of his intensely Irish feeling that he travelled on foot over the whole of Connemara, collecting Irish music with Paddy Conneely, the celebrated piper, to whom he acted as a guide. In traversing the Island of Achill, they picked up that celebrated Irish tune “Shane Gow” which is, perhaps, one of the most ancient and the sweetest of our Irish melodies.”1

Also appears in Petrie with the note ‘An Erris Melody’2:

  1. Galway Mercury, and Connaught Weekly Advertiser, July 9, 1853.
    [Thanks to Seán Donnelly for this reference.]
  2. Charles Villiers Stanford (ed.), The Complete Collection of Irish Music as noted by George Petrie (1789-1866), Boosey & Co., London, c.1902, p298.

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