Source: Julie Langan, Newport (fiddle).

“Composed by the James ‘Fiddler’ Doherty, from Lettermaghera, North of Newport above Furnace lake although possibly originally from the North. He was a well known local musician and dance teacher. Joe Keane, box & fiddle player (Shraloggy, Tiernaur, Newport), would have been taught by him. He was nicknamed ‘Sparkeen’ because he wore hobnailed boots and played with great speed and gusto with ‘sparks flying off the floor!’ Joe Keane used to tell a story about himself and the Fiddler Doherty being hired to play at a house dance: the first in this particular house where they had put in a kind of cement floor that was after becoming popular at the time. Between Sparkeen and the dancers, they had to bale out and continue the dance in the neighbour’s house. Joe Keane reckoned he couldn’t see Sparkeen beside him for the floor had disintegrated into dust!”Julie Langan (in conversation 6/12/17)

Played for the local Derradda set near Newport: Polca Seán Mac an Rí in G followed by ‘Polca Joe Keane’ and then back into the first tune in A.

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